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Welcome everyone,

On behalf of the Local Organizing Committee (LOC), we are honored to host the Busan IAMAS-IACS-IAPSO Joint Assembly 2025 (BACO-25) in Busan, Republic of Korea. I am Kyung-Ja Ha, the LOC Chair and a professor in the Department of Atmospheric Science at Pusan National University.

Korea has achieved remarkable scientific and technological advancements alongside its rapid economic growth. However, the country has also increasingly faced natural disasters, highlighting the global climate change crisis. At this crucial time, when the importance of the Earth's environment is more emphasized than ever, this assembly will serve as a platform to share the latest discoveries in earth sciences and collaborate on strategies to overcome the climate crisis. We anticipate that this event will not only foster academic progress in geosciences but also encourage the participation of young geoscientists from the world to promote international cooperation programs.

BACO-25 will be organized jointly by the Korean Meteorological Society, the Korean Society of Oceanography, and the Geological Society of Korea, with enthusiastic support from the Korean government and Busan Metropolitan City, ensuring a professional and successful conference.

BACO-25 will take place from July 20 to 25, 2025. Over these six days, esteemed colleagues from academia, government, and industry worldwide will engage in scientific presentations, discussions, information exchanges, and international cooperation in earth sciences. Participants will enjoy exceptional scientific programs, exhibitions, and exciting supporting events.

Busan, Korea's second-largest city, boasts numerous world-class institutions and universities renowned for earth and ocean science research, such as the Korea Institute of Ocean Science & Technology (KIOST), the APEC Climate Center (APCC), the IBS Center for Climate Physics, and the National Institute of Fisheries Sciences. Busan is a dynamic metropolis where modern life harmonizes with traditional hospitality. The city offers extensive multilingual signage, efficient public transportation, ICT-based infrastructure, and eco-friendly technologies, making it a convenient place for residents and visitors. Busan is truly a destination of excitement, sensory richness, and warmth.

As an ocean tourism city, Busan features seven beautiful beaches. It is also a city of festivals, hosting events year-round, including the Busan International Film Festival and the Busan International Fireworks Festival. Its close proximity to UNESCO World Heritage sites in Gyeongju and the stunning Jeju Island, just a short flight away, provides unique experiences for international delegates.

On behalf of the LOC, we are preparing a variety of academic and cultural programs to ensure the successful hosting of the BACO-25 Joint Assembly in Korea. We sincerely hope to welcome you to Busan in 2025.

Sincerely yours,

Kyung-Ja Ha

Local Organizing Committee of BACO-25